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What is DIFOT?

In Logistics, D.I.F.O.T. stands for Delivery In Full On Time. It is a KPI (key performance indicator) supply chain measurement of a supplier's delivery performance.

For example, a Purchasing department may run regular DIFOT reports to measure the performance of suppliers' deliveries to their warehouses.

A DIFOT score is given as a percentage and can be measured at the order, line, or unit level. The score is calculated by multiplying the 'in full' score by the 'on time' score.

For example, at the order level, if 5 out of 6 items are received, the 'in full' score is 0%, because the full order had not been received. If the 5 delivered items arrived on time, the 'on time' score is 100%. Therefore the DIFOT score at the order level would be 0% x 100% = 0%

Freight companies in particular like to use their DIFOT percentage (eg: 98% DIFOT) to win over potential customers.

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